De Echave: Modelo de Quellaveco no se puede replicar en Cajamarca, Puno o Espinar

Publicado: 16 julio, 2012 en NOTICIAS
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Ex viceministro explicó que se pueden tener algunas líneas de acción, pero dijo que no hay modelos que se repliquen con exactitud. 
No todos los conflictos son iguales

Ideeleradio.- La experiencia para el desarrollo del proyecto de mina Quellaveco en Moquegua no se puede replicar en Cajamarca porque no todos los conflictos son iguales; estimó el ex viceministro de Gestión Ambiental, José De Echave, al cuestionar que exista una lógica de caricaturizar y homogenizar las protestas en el país.

“[¿Quellaveco es ad hoc para todos los casos y se puede replicar?] No hay modelos, uno puede tener algunas líneas de acción, pero creo que no hay modelos que se repliquen con esa exactitud […] No, no todos los conflictos son iguales, Conga no es lo mismo que Espinar y, por supuesto, Conga no es lo mismo que Quellaveco. La región Moquegua no es la región Cajamarca”, afirmó en el programa No Hay Derecho de Ideeleradio.

“Ese es otro tema que creo que los escenarios de los últimos meses tienen que ayudar a descifrar, en esta lógica de caricaturizar los conflictos, hay una tendencia a homogeneizarlos, que hay un complot perfectamente orquestado, de manera que en nuestro país hay pocas cosas que sean tan perfectas, pero todos los conflictos no son iguales”, acotó.

Veamos minería y sostenibilidad social y ambiental 

El exfuncionario refirió que existe una discusión totalmente legítima y que hay que empezar a encararla como país, sobre hasta cuándo podemos seguir “aguantando” la minería en los términos de su sostenibilidad ambiental y social.

“No hay que olvidarnos que en la zona de influencia de Conga está Galeno, Michiquillay y otros proyectos de menor envergadura. Creo que hay una discusión que es totalmente legítima y creo que hay que comenzar a encararla como país de hasta cuánto, sobre todo, si queremos seguir haciendo minería. Creo que es una actividad importante y va a seguir siéndolo, pero el tema de la sostenibilidad social y ambiental es importante”, advirtió.

“Cajamarca tiene muchos hechos emblemáticos, simbólicos y si uno le quiere poner fecha al inicio al boom de la minería en los últimos 20 años esa fecha es 1993 y ese es el inicio de Yanacocha. Cajamarca refleja una hipótesis de trabajo que estamos desarrollando, esta suerte que tiene relación con la explicación de los conflictos, un escenario de impactos acumulativos que vienen de atrás a la fecha, pero que también se perciben como impactos acumulativos de ahora hacia adelante”, acotó.

En otro momento, dijo que si uno revisa los conflictos más fuertes y que se denominan como emblemáticos de los últimos 15 años, se puede señalar que siempre se ha cometido el error de someter la viabilidad social a los tiempos de maduración del negocio de la minería.

“Conga es clarísimo, en su momento el Cerro Quilish, también es un ejemplo de eso, el proyecto Tía María también y todos los conflictos emblemáticos lo demuestran. En el caso Quellaveco es interesante en el marco conceptual porque queda en evidencia que lo más inteligente a hacer, como estrategia, es darle un espacio y un peso como el debe tener la viabilidad social”, argumentó.

“Se identificó cuál era la agenda legítima que estaba detrás de las preocupaciones de las poblaciones, los agricultores, una zona que estaba desarrollando proyectos de infraestructura para ampliar la frontera agrícola. Se identificó la agenda legítima que colocaban las autoridades locales, las actuales y anteriores. Se identificó ese punto y se empezó a trabajar y eso permitió que se maduren un poco las expectativas”, subrayó.

  1. Mandel A. Vizurraga dice:


    Site of a mining camp owned by the Buenaventura Mining Co. whose majority share holders are members of the Benavides de la Quintana family.
    During the late 1969, I began to develop a piece of land to be used as a private wooded area of approximatelly 60 acres , including a house. Irrigation channels to reach every single tree to be transplanted; its own entrances and causeways, completely fenced in with barbwire to protect it from cattle and intruders.
    This area was part of the parcels given to me as an Hereditary Advance with documents signed by the other co-owners, duly notarized and recorded as such in Book 5 dockets 21 and 22 of the Public Records in Huacho during 1969.
    During this process, an individual who worked with the Buenaventura Mining Co., if I recall his last name was Silva, approached me to inquire if there was a possibility to plant 2,500 Eucaliptus trees for mining purposes for wich they were willing to finance it.
    We reached an agreement and signed a contract duly executed through the Public Notary Correa Miller of Lima on May 1969 and registered in Book 22 page 1 docket 117 , of the Public Records Office according to Law, to protect both parties legal rights.
    Another legal document granting the use of a land corridor of about 2 miles long to be used to build a Hydroelectric plant, was given to Raura Mining Co. executed through Abraham Velarde Alvarez a Public Notary during Jannuary1965, legal documents that demonstrates my tenure of “ Jichiu ” as a separate and personal property.
    Buenaventura Mining Co. only covered the cost of 1,250 units, there was no need to use the remanding outstanding loan balance. I was planning to cover this entire acreage with more than 25,000 trees to extract resins and create an environment to cultivate a variety of mushrooms for human consumption and laboratory purposes.
    I built an specific area as a nursery to start conditionimg the new saplings (baby trees) to the climate where they would develop, and also bought from the Ministry of Agriculture s nursery located in Santa Eulalia, Chosica more than 20,000 “saplings properly balled” knowing that a great percentage would perish due to the altitude and climatic changes, the rate of failure was close to 30 percent, my site nursery was the “key” to replenish the casualties.
    This type of tree develops in about 25 years, but for mining purposes the waiting period lessens to less than that.
    This tree plantation was surrounded by areas I granted to third parties as private owners as a way to protect the inner sections.
    It took about seven consecutive years to accomplish the task to obtain more than 25,000 trees fully protected from freezing and natural invironmental causes.
    During 1975 TesTamenteria Manuel Vizurraga Fuentes Rivera was affected by the Reforma Agraria Decree 17776.
    If I had been affected I would have been notified according to law, this never happened, and authorities guaranteed my rights as the sole owner of the forested areas as it is shown in the original “ EXPEDIENTE DE AFECTACION Nº 71-76” kept by the Superior Court of Huaura in the city of Huacho. A certificate was issued (razon) that shows the error, but they never corrected the mistake and used my name as the affected one.
    At this time, Roberto M- Vizurraga Cuellar claimed property rights over the trees assuring that the trees were owned by Testamenteria Manuel Vizurraga Fuentes Rivera. In less than ten days, the acting judge orders payment to Roberto Vizurraga for the value of 6,000 trees and grants property rights to Comunidad Campesina de Oyon whose acting members allowed the use of the forested areas to Buenaventura Mining Co. who in turn requested rights to cut down all the trees ( abaout 60,000 tons of lumber) so they could build the mining site Uchucchacua using my trees.
    Conunidad Campesina de Oyon claimed ownership rights by declaring that Jichiu was their property with title registered in Book 5 Docket 21 and 22.
    The office of the Ministry of Agriculture sent a letter to Mr. Hamilton, US. Ambassador to Peru stating a fact that the property was transferred according to the due process of Law duly executed and granted ownership rights with a warranty deed registered in Book 5 Dockets 21 and 22.
    A Legal Suit was filled to the Judiciary System under case Nª 2000-27536 assigned to the 16 th. Tribunal, case they reassigned to the Transitory System and the case was misplaced more that ten years, and finally due to persistent inquires, they came up with a report stating that the case was ordered to be sent to the archives without any sort of notification.
    Accordding to the By Laws of the TLC between the Peruvian Government and The USA, if there is a strife, Chaper Ten Articles 10.6 and following, needs to be complied by the Peruvian government due to my condition to be an American citizen.
    The Ways and Means Committee Office, located at:
    1102 Longworth House Office Building, Washingtn DC 20515
    oversees the compliance of the by laws of the TLC treaty, has been informed.
    As far as I am aware, most of the civilized world has laws that transfers the ownership rights from an individual to another by following certain protocols and legal channels, seems that in Peru it is a matter of who wins the roulette, the house is the winer.
    In my case, I have never been notified of any legal action that deals with the transfer of my property.
    If the Lord grants me another life term, I would invest in mining projects, I would collude with authorities, get free resources by grabbing what is needed bypassing the legality of signed contracts, pollute the soil, infiltrate the ground with acids that for natural gravity will reach the river beds, in this case the Japichaca river, a small stream of water flowing down from the Pston Lake that joins the Huaura River…once upon a time full of trouts, nowdays you can catch a trout only if you dream about it, find the gold and then go to Wall Street and sell shares, that is business…that is Buenaventura Mining Co. in essence…in my case…hope the Lord gives me that new term.
    This is a true story, not a fable, there is more to be told with documented facts.

    Me gusta


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